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The Central Coast of California

Situated along the Pacific Ocean between San Jose and Los Angeles, the California Central Coast offers a truly unique blend of unspoiled natural beauty along with a thriving dynamic economy. Featuring miles of spectacular coastline, pristine mountains and fertile inland valleys, the climate adds to a quality of life that includes economic opportunities unmatched anywhere in the state. image
With the large selection of commercial and industrial parcels available, the Central Coast can provide a cost-effective option for your business.

 From ranches and vineyards to the fabulous executive homes, the Central Coast has a wide selection of housing for you and your employees.
There are multiple colleges, universities and other noted higher educational institutions throughout the region which enhance our outstanding primary and secondary school systems.
The Central Coast is an affluent area marked by above average incomes and healthy retail sales. We encourge you to find out more about the Cental Coast of California. Check out the best trails and travel places.
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